Suicide Prevention and Awareness in Schools

Videos About Suicide Prevention and Awareness in Schools

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline outline 5 research-based steps that can help to prevent a suicide.  Closed Captioned, 4:49 minutes.
A filmmaker portrays the impact of teen suicide and lists warning signs.  Written/visual format, 3:22 minutes.
Educators and teens discuss what they are doing in schools to prevent suicides.Closed Captioned, 3:01 minutes.  
A young person describes how depression led him to contemplate suicide and how others can begin helpful interactions around this topic.  Closed Captioned, 11 minutes.

3 XDeath by suicide among children in the United States has tripled within the last decade (Curtain & Heron, 2019) and 90% of youth who die by suicide have a mental health condition (frequently undiagnosed).(American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 2020)

83youth ages 19 and younger died by suicide in Indiana in 2018 and 1 in 5 Indiana high school students seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year. (Indiana Youth Institute, 2020)

2key tasks for schools in preventing youth suicide: identify students at risk and work with families to ensure those students are evaluated by a mental health professional.  (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 2020)

More Information About Suicide Prevention and Awareness in Schools

13 Reasons Why Toolkit
Guidelines, resources and tools for educators, parents, clinicians, youth and the media. Developed by mental health professionals and organizations across the world centered around the issues in the Netflix TV show 13 Reasons Why (Suicide, School Violence, Sexual Assault, Substance Use).

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Information and resources including training programs and curricula as well as support (both local and national) for individuals in crisis and their loved ones. Supports are also provided for loved ones after a suicide or an individual who has survived an attempt. Includes a Model School District Policy on Suicide Prevention.

Indiana Department of Education: Suicide Prevention and Response
Guidance and resources to enable schools to meet the 2017 Indiana legislation requiring all school corporations to adopt a policy to increase suicide awareness and prevention. Also includes resources for schools responding to a suicide. 

The Jason Foundation
Resources and materials including free training modules for educators, parents and students targeting suicide prevention.

National Alliance for Suicide Prevention
Training, resources and information targeting reducing the number of suicides across the lifespan in all sectors including education, public health, community and government.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Free, confidential support for individuals in distress and/or their loved ones via a 24hour hotline. Also has information and resources for professionals and families on best practices.

Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools
Free downloadable toolkit to assist schools and districts in designing and implementing suicide prevention strategies. Developed by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Real Talk About Suicide
Provide national training, research and lists of resources (including list of suicide prevention Apps). Can also assist schools in developing and implementing a peer to peer suicide prevention program.

SOS Signs of Suicide
Evidence-based youth prevention program for middle and high schools developed by behavioral health professionals at MindWise.

Suicide in the LGBTQ Community: Understanding Why and Best Practices for Health Centers
Webinar explaining why suicide impacts the LGBTQ community significantly across the lifespan, risk factors and interventions.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Collection of information, resources, trainings and organizational links across the USA.