About School Mental Health

Promoting the behavioral and mental health of youth is critical to promoting their cognitive and academic achievement. When youth have stressors, feel unsafe or are dealing with adversity, their ability to learn is impaired.

Indiana Youth Institute, 2019

Videos About School Mental Health

Outlines how schools can reduce the impact of trauma on student mental health. Closed Captioned, 3:16 minutes.
Teachers explain why schools should discuss mental health. 3:12 minutes.
A Denver, Colorado Public Schools “Distinguished Teacher”, shares what she has learned from her students and offers educators ideas and strategies towards supporting their students academically and emotionally.  Closed Captioned, 12:49 minutes
Mind Matters Australia define mental health.  Closed Captioned, 3:21 minutes
Mind Matters Australia explain the benefits of focusing on mental health in schools.  Closed Captioned, 2:12 minutes

Half of the 7.7 millionHalf of the 7.7 million US children with at least one mental health disorder do not receive treatment. (Whitney & Peterson, 2019)

3.8 millionAn estimated 3.8 million Hoosiers live in mental health professional shortage areas (57.9% of the state’s population). (Indiana Youth Institute, 2020)

56.6 million 56.6 million students will attend K-12 schools across the US in 2019-20. (National Center for Educational Statistics 2019) Schools provide a unique opportunity to identify and treat mental health conditions by serving students where they already are. (National Alliance on Mental Illness, n.d.)

More Information About School Mental Health

Center for Youth Wellness
Educational resources explaining the science of trauma and stress and how to reduce the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on children’s health. Screening questionnaire for pediatric providers and clinical treatment for families in the San Francisco area.

The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools
George Washington University’s resource and technical assistance center develops school-connected strategies for better health and education outcomes for children.

National Center for School Mental Health
University of Maryland’s technical assistance, research and training center.

The National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health
Georgetown University provides modules and learning materials centered around trauma informed care.

Mental Health America: Back to School ToolKit
Information and resources for professionals, parents and young people supporting mental health.