Co-occurring Conditions That Can Impact Mental Health

Mental health issues are under recognized in individuals with developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or intellectual disability. These individuals are either untreated, undertreated or, more alarmingly, treated with ineffective or inappropriate methods.   Similarly, people experiencing a mental health condition may turn to alcohol or other drugs as a form of self-medication. Since this substance abuse can worsen the symptoms of mental illness it is essential that it be addressed when developing support plans.

Quintero & Flick, 2010; National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2017

Videos About Co-occurring Conditions That Can Impact Mental Health

Webinar by Orygen Mental Health explaining diagnosis, prevalence and features of each mental health condition in individuals with a diagnosis of autism.  Closed Captioned, 1:16 hours.
Students with a variety of learning differences describe how teachers can help them.  1:52 minutes.  
Discusses how ADHD effects the way the brain works.  Closed Captioned, 2:22 minutes.  
A psychiatrist outlines the complicated relationship between substance abuse and mental health. Closed Captioned, 1:03 minutes.  
Two psychologists explain comorbidity as it relates to children and adolescents. Closed Captioned, 28:02 minutes.  

40%of individuals with autism spectrum disorders have at least one anxiety disorder compared with 15% of the general population.  (National Autistic Society, 2018)

50% of teens with untreated mental health disorders will develop a substance use disorder.  (Miller, 2020)

1 in 3 At least 1 in 3 individuals with intellectual disabilities also have mental illness.  (Quintero & Flick, 2010)

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